Pepper Mixture

Mixed Peppers Sauces - Available at The Hot Sauce MallHot sauces are often a mixture of different peppers and at HotSauceMall we offer a variety of these awesome sauces

Using different peppers in a hot sauce can change the heat and the flavor. Say you really love the flavor of cayenne pepper but want a little more heat. You can do this by adding a small amount of a hotter pepper like habanero or ghost pepper. You’ll still get the cayenne flavor, but with added kick! One of our favorite cayenne/habanero combination hot sauces is Hog’s Ass Garlic Habanero Hot Sauce. A delicious combination chipotle and smoked habanero can be found in Hellfire The Chilimaster’s Private Reserve Hot Sauce. Sometimes several peppers are blended together for a complex flavor like in Acid Rain Hot Sauce. The newly discovered super-hot 7 Pod Pepper and is combined with other hot peppers like Caribbean Red, Bhut Jolokia and Moruga Scorpion in the intense Hellfire First Blood Hot Sauce

Finally, one of our top sellers at HotSauceMall is Mad Dog 357 25th Anniversary Hot Sauce, which is a flavorful yet fiery mix of the 3 hottest peppers: the Carolina Reaper, Trinidad Scorpion and Ghost Pepper. With 1,000,000 scoville units give it a try…if you dare!

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