100% Ghost Bhut Jolokia Seasoning


Discover the ultimate heat with our 100% Ghost Bhut Jolokia Seasoning & Rub! Crafted for the daring, this blend combines the intense heat of fresh ground Ghost Pepper with hints of sea salt, onion, and garlic, transforming any dish into a fiery delight. Ideal for adventurous cooks looking to add a “holy” kick to their meals. Use sparingly and savor the unparalleled heat of this supremely spicy seasoning & rub.

This this incredibly spicy 100% ghost pepper seasoning not only enhances the taste of meats and vegetables but also brings an exciting challenge to the table for those who appreciate extreme spice. It’s a versatile ingredient that can be used in marinades, dry rubs, or even sprinkled on snacks for an extra fiery kick. Discover new flavors and push the boundaries of your spice tolerance. Enjoy!

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