Bohica Pobla Peno Hot Sauce


Introducing Bohica Pobla Peño Hot Sauce, crafted with fire-roasted Poblano and Jalapeño peppers. This verde hot sauce offers the perfect combination of the mild, earthy flavor of Poblanos and the bold, rich flavor of Jalapeños. This fusion of green goodness creates a versatile sauce that is great drizzled over tacos, paired with grilled meats, or mixed into dips for a fiery twist. Pobla Peño delivers a harmonious blend of smoky, earthy flavors balanced with tantalizing heat that will keep you coming back for more! Ingredients include green bell pepper, pineapple, fire-roasted Poblano pepper, vinegar, fire-roasted Jalapeno pepper, lime juice, yellow 7 Pot Pepper, sea salt, molasses, coconut sugar, cumin, hickory smoke flavor and black garlic.

5 FL OZ.

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