Chesbro’s Chili Lime Hot Candy


Chesbro’s Chili Lime Candy is a delicious combination of all-natural lime and chili oils, which are sweet, tart, and mildly spicy. It’s perfect for sharing with friends, or you can keep it all to yourself! Made with high-quality ingredients this candy is cooked in a copper kettle, and formed by vintage equipment. These candies are hand-crafted in the USA in small batches and are free of preservatives and other additives, so you can enjoy the pure, sweet goodness that lasts for a long time. Treat yourself and your loved ones to these down-home favorite candies and experience the taste of their family to yours. Inspected by the NC Department of Agriculture to ensure quality and safety, please note that this facility processes tree nuts, peanuts, dairy, and soy products, so if you have allergies to any of these products, please do not consume this candy. Try their other spicy candies like Chesebro’s Carolina Reaper Wicked Hot Candy and Chesebro’s Orange Ghost Chili Wicked Hot Candy.

4.5 OZ.

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