Dirty Dick’s Caribbean Dream Hot Sauce


Welcome to the realm of Dirty Dick’s Hot Sauce, where hot sauce reigns supreme with over 75 prestigious awards under its fiery belt! Armed with a symphony of exotic spices, tantalizing tropical fruits, and fearless peppers, Dirty Dick’s has been conquering taste buds one bite at a time. Taste the adventure where quality meets excitement. Experience a world of bold, sweet, and spicy flavors with their carefully crafted hot sauces. Made from farm-fresh ingredients and exotic spices, Dirty Dicks takes you on a flavorful journey that elevates every meal. Dive into their award-winning lineup and discover your new favorite hot sauce. Dirty Dick’s Caribbean Dream Hot Pepper Sauce is the gold standard Barbados style mustard-based sauce made from habanero peppers, pears, peaches, pineapple juice, apple cider vinegar, brown sugar, honey, and fresh ground spices blended to produce a sauce to be remembered and enjoyed. It’s time to discover the world’s greatest hot sauce – prepare to be dazzled by Dirty Dicks! An essential complement for seafood, meats and poultry. A quality product made in Vermont with love!


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