Hot Ass Sauces Gift Pack


Here’s a collection of hot sauces sure to test your taste buds and bring sweat to your brow. Ass Blaster Hot Sauce is a fiery blend of habanero peppers with water, vinegar, capsicum extract, carrots, salt, garlic and spices. Next, up, feel the burn with Hog’s Ass Garlic Habanero Sauce. This sauce is a delicious mixture of habanero and cayenne peppers, vinegar, vegetable juice, garlic, sugar, salt and orange extract that is accompanied by a delightful burn. With a skull mask and a black cape, Ass Reaper Hot Sauce is a exteme hot elixir of habanero peppers, Africa oleoresin, scotch bonnet peppers, salt, onions, vegetable oil and garlic. That’s Your Ass Now! And finally, we present Bayou Butt Burner Louisiana Pepper Sauce. This hot sauce is a Louisiana classic all natural potion of cayenne peppers, minced garlic, onion, water, vinegar, spices and sea salt with no preservatives.

(4) 5 FL OZ

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Low Calorie

Low Carb

Low Fat

Low Sodium

Gluten Free



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