Melinda’s Green Sauce


Prepare to experience bold flavors that will ignite your taste buds and set your mouth on flavor. While it’s simple to make something spicy, Melinda’s takes it a step further by crafting sauces that achieve the ideal harmony between heat and flavor. Their goal is to elevate the taste of your food without overwhelming it, ensuring that both elements are equally important. At Melinda’s, they take pride in achieving this perfect balance in every one of their sauces. Created with fresh, whole ingredients and the finest available peppers, it’s the ideal choice for those who value quality. Melinda’s Green Sauce is a versatile condiment that complements any type of cuisine. This gluten-free green sauce is a delightful blend of jalapeños, green tomatoes, spinach, cilantro, lime, a hint of garlic, and red habanero for an extra kick. It pairs well with Asian and Latin dishes, as well as many others.

12 FL OZ.

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