The General’s Hot Sauce Gift Pack #1


Smoke Hall Foods is a veteran owned company that believes in serving the greater good by creating jobs for veterans, and by donating a meaningful percentage of their profits back to organizations that support our troops, veterans, and their families. They also believe in delivering a quality product like this gift pack featuring Maple Mayhem, Shock & Awe and Danger Close. Maple Mayhem is a blend of Vermont maple syrup to provide the sweet, and the American grown lightly salted, sun-dried ground habanero pepper mash to provide the heat. Shock & Awe is a habanero hot sauce that provides a unique punch of deep, sustained habanero heat that is offset by a sweet aroma and a taste that really pops. Danger Close is an 86% pepper mixture of American grown cayenne and habanero peppers. Try on all your favorite foods.

(3) 6 FL OZ

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Low Calorie

Low Carb

Low Fat

Low Sodium

Gluten Free



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