Melinda’s Black Truffle Hot Sauce


Pepper lovers from all around the globe consider cayenne to be the best variety of pepper and Melinda’s uses only fresh, whole ingredients and the best peppers to make their sauces. Melinda’s Black Truffle Hot Sauce is a delicious blend of cayenne peppers with vinegar, fresh garlic, cane sugar, onion powder, fine Colombian honey, grated parmesan cheese, high-quality Italian black truffles, salt, and natural flavor. This sauce provides a perfect balance of heat and flavor that adds a spicy, rich, complex, and decadent flavor to your food without overpowering its original taste. Melinda’s Black Truffle Hot Sauce can be paired with anything you’re eating right now, such as fries, wings, eggs, pizza, mac n’ cheese, and burgers.

12 FL OZ.

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